Start Simple: Your Ultimate Guide to Surface Design.

This guide will help you work through all of the essential steps to becoming a successful surface pattern designer. 

In the guide you'll discover:
- How to get started without being an "artist"
- Where to find design inspiration
- The truth about creating a career you love in surface design
- How to say goodbye to confusion in getting started

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Discover the Secrets to Surface Design Success

An entire (e)book on surface design - 44 Pages filled with over a decade's worth of experience and knowledge.

The Surface Design Guide will teach you how to overcome overwhelm and start simple. Download the guide and get the step-by-step workbook that will help you conquer the biggest barriers in the industry and make your vision a reality.


What to Charge for Your Work

Inside the guide you'll find answers to the top questions aspiring surface designers have, like what to charge for your work and the most common payment types for surface pattern designers.


How to Pitch Your Work

When it's time to pitch your work, it can be hard to know what to do. Use the email templates inside the guide as a starting point for contacting your dream companies!

Develop Your Signature Style

Discover 5 practical tips to help you find your signature style, craft your unique message, and claim your space in the industry.

How to Set and Achieve Your Goals

This guide is designed to help you plan, set, and achieve your artistic goals. It's time to make it happen!

Gather Inspiration

Inspiration is everything but it’s not always easy to come by. Get my top tips on how to easily gather inspiration for your upcoming artwork or collection. 

Build a Portfolio

Once you have a body of work that you’re really proud of - it’s time to put together a portfolio. Learn the top things you'll need to accomplish before you begin building your portfolio.

Create a Collection

Offering your work in sets of complete collections help to show the breadth of your work as a designer. Get my top 10 tips for creating cohesive pattern collections inside the guide.

Make Income from Your Artwork

Learn the top 11 ways that surface designers create income from their artwork. Licensing your art means multiple streams of revenue and residual income that can change your life. 

Get a decade's worth of experience and knowledge for FREE. And the best part? Getting Started is Simple!

After years of working as a professional surface designer and teaching others, I'm sharing the systems and methods that have helped tens of 1,000's of students create collections and build their career in an inspired, yet systematic way.

Table of Contents:

  • Planning for your dream
  • Your year at a glance
  • Essential foundations
  • Gathering inspiration
  • Working in Collections
  • Building a portfolio
  • Choosing an industry
  • How to promote your work
  • Collection creation
  • How to make money in Surface Design
  • What to charge for your work
  • Email templates for pitching your work
  • The language of a surface designer: terms and definitions

Create Income from your Artwork

Surface design is a thriving, creative, and diverse industry that is extremely in demand by brands and agencies all over the world. But how do we go about making money from it? Use the guide to learn how to price your work and 11 different revenue streams for surface designers. Also get access to email templates you can use to reach art directors AND how to promote yourself (online and offline) to build an income that can change your life. 


Download the Guide

Carve out 20 minutes, grab a notebook, get cozy with your favorite drink, and explore the endless opportunities of surface pattern design you'll find inside the book.

Start Simply

This is where the rubber meets the road so to speak. In the guide, you'll create a specific 12 month roadmap. You'll have daily action items, short term, and long terms goals created. Now it's time to get to work. 

A Career You Love

As you work through your 12 month plan, you'll create a career you love (if you want). A breathtaking endeavor that inspires, fulfills, and gives you lifestyle and freedom you crave. 

Now is Your Time

You've had something building inside you. 
Maybe it started just recently or maybe it's always been there. Slowly building until today. 

And that's why you're here right now.
You could leave this page right now, not having downloaded the guide. And honestly, you'll move on. Probably forgetting you even saw this page by this time tomorrow. Life continues to march on.

Or you could take a chance. A leap of faith. A dare. You download the guide and it simplifies the complicated. You take action and just begin. Imagine what your life could look like in 12 months. Our choices today create our tomorrows. The decisions you make today could have profound impacts on your future. Downloading the guide seems like a simple choice, but could dramatically change your life for the better. 

The choice is yours. What do you have to lose? After all, it's free!


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