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How to Shift Your Mindset Around Common Creative & Business Struggles

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The Weeds & Seeds of Growing a Creative Business

When pursuing big creative dreams, we all tend to struggle with many of the same stumbling blocks. And though we may feel alone in our struggles—we aren’t. After noticing these common issues amongst myself, my students, and my peers, it led me to identifying what I call the weeds and seeds of creative entrepreneurship. If we let them, the weeds can choke our creativity. But as we learn to identify them, we can quickly pluck them and replace them with seeds. In this article, I’m sharing not only the weeds that pop up for so many of us, but also the seeds–the solutions that help us continue to make progress on our goals and sustain our growth.

Weeds: The Challenges 

Weeds, in the realm of creativity, are those recurring obstacles and negative feelings that can hinder our progress. They can manifest as doubts, fears, and external challenges. Just as weeds in a garden can choke out desired plants, these metaphorical weeds can stifle our creativity and hamper our growth. Recognizing them is the first step toward addressing and overcoming them. 

Seeds: The Solutions 

Seeds represent the positive actions, mindsets, and solutions that can help us overcome the challenges posed by our weeds. They are the answers to our problems, the strategies we employ to navigate challenges. When nurtured, these seeds can flourish, leading to sustained growth and progress in our creative endeavors.

From Weed to  Seed

  1. Orchard of Overwhelm vs. Step by Step Sage: The feeling of being overwhelmed can feel like navigating a dense orchard with no clear path. The remedy? Embrace the wisdom of the Step by Step Sage. This metaphorical sage advises us to breathe and break tasks into manageable steps. Systematic progression leads to steady growth.
  2. Grass is Greener vs. Watering Willow: The tendency to envy others can distract us from nurturing our own growth. Instead of longing for someone else's success, channel the Watering Willow's spirit. Focus on tending to your own garden, and soon, you'll witness the magic blooming right under your feet.
  3. Fearful Fern vs. Shining Sunflower: Fear can be paralyzing, especially when it comes to showcasing our work authentically. Counter this with the Shining Sunflower's approach: Turn towards the light, recognize your achievements, and embrace your unique perspective.
  4. Tech Thorn vs. Research Rose: Technical challenges can be frustrating, but every thorn has its rose. The Research Rose symbolizes the value of patience and learning. By dedicating time to understand technology, we can harness its power to enhance our work.
  5. Tight on Time vs. Nectar Nook: The perennial complaint of not having enough time can hinder progress. Yet, the Nectar Nook reminds us that even 15 minutes daily can lead to significant growth over time. Prioritize, focus, and remember that every moment counts.
  6. Perfect Poppy vs. Forward Ficus: The pursuit of perfection can be a roadblock. Instead of getting stuck in analysis paralysis, adopt the Forward Ficus's mindset: Progress over perfection. Every step forward, however small, brings you closer to your goals.
  7. Dormant Days vs. Consistent Cosmos: We all experience periods of dormancy, waiting for the right conditions to spur growth. The Consistent Cosmos seed teaches us that regular, steady efforts can awaken dormant potential, leading to beautiful blossoms.
  8. Isolated Ivy vs. Connected Clover: Creative entrepreneurship can sometimes feel lonely. But remember, like the Connected Clover, the power of community can nourish your creativity. Regularly connecting with like-minded individuals can provide the support and inspiration you need to thrive.

It's crucial to recognize that we're not alone in our struggles. By identifying our "weeds" and actively planting "seeds," we can navigate the challenges of creative entrepreneurship with grace and determination. As we journey together, remember: We are always better as a collective. 


For a visual representation of these concepts, check out the shownotes for this companion podcast episode for a downloadable illustrated guide to the weeds and seeds of creative entrepreneurship.

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