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From Dreamer to Doer: My Journey to Becoming a Surface Pattern Designer

surface pattern design
Surface Pattern Designer Bonnie Christine shares her journey from her studio

The journey from dreaming to doing is one of the most profound transitions you can make. It's about metamorphosis, evolving from a state of longing to actively pursuing and manifesting your dreams. Today, I want to share my personal tale of this transformation, hoping it inspires you to chase your own dreams.

Embracing the Creative Roots

Growing up, creativity was the air I breathed. My parents, both entrepreneurs in their own right, had a profound influence on me. My dad was a versatile entrepreneur, always immersed in diverse ventures, while my mom brought creativity to life with her quaint quilt shop. These early exposures seeded in my desire to carve my own entrepreneurial path.

A fun little anecdote from my high school days: with my dad's support, I transformed a vacant spot in a shopping center into a cheerleading coaching gym. This early taste of entrepreneurship was exhilarating and confirmed my aspirations.

Finding My True Calling

College saw me diving into the world of business at NC State. While the structured curriculum provided valuable insights, my heart yearned for more. It was during a regular day at my mom's quilt shop that clarity struck. Surrounded by fabrics, I realized there were artists behind these designs. The idea of blending creativity with entrepreneurship to become a fabric designer ignited a passion in me. Yet, the path wasn't immediately clear. There was a moment I considered furthering my education at SCAD, an art college in Savannah. But the entrepreneurial spirit in me decided to embark on this journey independently, learning and discovering the steps along the way.

Catalyst for Change

Realizing my dream was one thing; acting on it was another. The sheer magnitude of my aspirations felt overwhelming at times, leading to moments of doubt and inaction. But a self-imposed hiatus and the realization of time slipping away jolted me. I resolved to start with baby steps, committing to doing just one thing daily that would inch me closer to my dream. And so, the journey began with a simple Google search: "How to become a fabric designer."

The Power of Research

Research became my guiding light. Each new piece of information answered a question and simultaneously raised a few more. This iterative process of seeking answers, asking more questions, and diving deeper into the world of fabric design became the foundation of my learning.

Piecemealing and Turning Points: The Journey to Realizing a Dream

Life was a whirlwind of side jobs, ranging from being a personal assistant to crafting blog images. But my commitment to my dream remained unshaken. Each day, I made it a point to do something, no matter how small, that aligned with my fabric design aspirations. The International Quilt Market was a game-changer. Meeting Pat Bravo of Art Gallery Fabrics, and the subsequent offer to join them, was the validation of my consistent efforts and a testament to the idea that dreams, no matter how big, can become reality through dedication and perseverance.

One Thing a Day

This philosophy became my mantra. Whether it was a mere 15 minutes of research or hours of design work, I ensured that every single day had a productive moment dedicated to my dream. Over time, these daily snippets of progress accumulated, and I found myself not only proficient in Adobe Illustrator but also equipped with a substantial portfolio. The culmination of this relentless pursuit was signing my first licensing contract as a fabric designer, a moment of pure elation and validation.

Embracing the Journey: Lessons and Reflections

If there's one thing I'd like you to take away from my story, it's the transformative power of consistent action. No dream is too big, no aspiration too lofty if you're willing to dedicate yourself to it, one day at a time. So, chase your dreams, embrace the journey, and remember that every little step counts.

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The Power of Tracking Daily Progress

In our journey towards realizing our dreams, sometimes it's the visual cues that can be incredibly motivating. Drawing inspiration from Jerry Seinfeld's method of writing a new joke every day, I've crafted a unique "One Thing a Day" tracker for you. Seinfeld used a simple system: for every day he wrote a joke, he would mark a red 'X' on his calendar. Over time, these marks formed a chain, and the mere thought of breaking this chain became a powerful motivator for consistency. There's something immensely satisfying about marking that 'X' and watching your progress take shape day by day. Even if you've dedicated just 15 minutes to your dream today – like reading this blog post—it counts! I invite you to download this tracker from the show notes at professionalcreative.com, print it out, and start building your own chain of consistency. Because, with dedication and daily effort, you're well on your path to transforming from a dreamer into a doer and making your grandest aspirations a reality.

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