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This incredibly in-depth (and entirely FREE!) Workshop is called Secrets to Success in Surface Pattern Design.⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣

The Workshop: February 13th - 21st

💭How to create a career you LOVE and achieve 3 HUGE Goals 

🤔 The 5 lies we believe about pattern design & how to overcome them

🎨 6 essential stages to becoming a licensing artist & navigating the industry 

🚫 5 common mistakes new designers make and how to avoid them 

📈 Map out the next 12 months of progress for your business 

💰 5 secrets to industry success + how to create multiple streams of revenue 

All sessions will be self-paced and include live Q&A sessions with me, Bonnie. 🤗

After you register, keep an eye on your inbox for Lesson #1 to arrive at 11am EST on Monday, February 13th.

See you soon! ❤️ Bonnie

What last year's attendees had to say about this workshop:
Hey there, friend!

I'm Bonnie Christine


Internationally renowned Surface Pattern Designer, Entrepreneur, and Award-Winning Online Educator.

I'm a mama, artist, and surface pattern designer living nestled back in the hills of the great smoky mountains. I love to grow flowers, explore nature and snuggle my kids every day. I have a passion for sharing what I know and inspiring others to follow their own big dreams.

Come experience the breathtaking world of surface pattern design and learn the secrets to success. 

→    Ready to join me?  ←

Over the course of 7 days you'll join 1000's of creatives on a mission to do something they love while making the world a more beautiful place. We need your art, your perspective and your voice in the world. 

There's room for you

7 Days

spent together

i'm holding nothing back in these

4 Lessons


to answer all of your questions

and give you life-changing



Ready to get started?

Sharpen your pencils, we get started on Monday, February 13th!

It's time to make a living doing what you love.