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What is the Immersion Course?

The Surface Design Immersion Course is a beloved 8 week online training program for those who want to learn Adobe Illustrator, the art of surface pattern design, how to become a licensing artist and create a sustainable business as a creative entrepreneur. 

Whether you’re brand new or established and ready to soar, this course will meet you where you’re at and help you accomplish your BIG goals. You know the ones because they're scary and vulnerable to say out loud. I believe it’s important to set BIG goals and then ACHIEVE them.

The best way to accomplish your big goals is to immerse yourself in the learning, the industry and in a community that knows how exactly to support you and lift you up.

The Immersion course is taught through 6 modules released over an 8 week period. Each module contains impactful video lessons that build on each other, actionable assignments and downloadable resources. Students are fully supported by the support team, Live Q&A sessions and the thriving community. Bonnie is fully accessible and active in the private student portal, answering questions, providing feedback and sharing her knowledge and inspiration along the way. 

JOIN 1000's of STUDENTS who have CRAFTED a CAREER they LOVE 

 "Bonnie opened doors for me that I never knew were possible. She opened my mind to what I can achieve with my life."
- Mable Tan

Hey, there! I'm Bonnie.

And, I've been there.

As a completely self-taught designer, I know the value of shared information. After spending years learning on my own, teaching tens of thousands of students and working as a professional designer for the past 12 years, I have developed the ultimate Immersion course; something that I could have only dreamed of taking when I was starting. Let me save you years of learning on your own. YES, years! 

So many times people hold tightly the things that they’ve learned, but I'm here to share it all with you. Learn all of the secrets, the nuances and the skills you need to become successful. There's room for you.

"Taking the Immersion Course literally changed my life." - Katalin Klecz
For a 55 year old who had never opened a single Adobe software platform ever in her life, I cannot believe I was already, only six months later, collaborating with a textile company for two collections. I truly cannot believe how much my art and creative endeavors have changed since taking Immersion. Thank you Bonnie!!
- Emily Ennulat-Lustine


The Immersion Course costs $1997 with an optional 6 month ($397/mo) payment plan. 

Enrollment opens only once a year.

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