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Would You Buy Your Own Artwork? 

surface pattern design
Surface Pattern Designer Asks, Would You Buy Your Own Art?

The Path to Authenticity and Originality

For an artist, authenticity is often the defining factor that separates the memorable from the mundane but the creation of a signature style that resonates with both your personal journey and your audience can feel out of reach. But there's one profound question that can serve as a compass to guide you: Would you buy your own artwork?

This seemingly simple question requires deep thought. It's not just about assessing the monetary value of your work but delving into the very soul of the creation. By asking ourselves if we would invest in our own creations, we're challenging the depth, intention, and authenticity behind every brushstroke or design element.

Creating the Beauty You Want to See

When we focus on creating the beauty we yearn to see come alive in the world, our art becomes more than just a visual or tactile piece; it becomes a personal reflection of our soul. This intimate connection with our work might make us feel more vulnerable, as we're putting a piece of ourselves out into the world. However, this vulnerability is precisely what makes the artwork beautiful and unique. 

For artists, this journey towards authenticity can be transformative. It's not about adhering to trends or mimicking popular styles, but about fostering a genuine connection with one's work. This connection, in turn, strengthens the artist's signature style, making it unmistakable and unforgettable.

Shifting Our Creative Mission

Embracing this perspective requires a paradigm shift. Instead of creating what we think the market wants or what might sell, the mission becomes about birthing the beauty and emotion that we, as artists, want to witness in the world. Such a mindset not only fosters creativity but also infuses our work with passion and intention.

Art, in its purest form, is an expression of the self. When artists create from a place of genuine passion and connection, it radiates through their work. The audience, too, can sense this authenticity, making them more likely to form a deep, emotional connection with the piece.

Your Unique Contribution

Amidst a busy social media landscape and noisy world, there's a common fear among artists: is there room for my unique contribution? The answer is a resounding 'yes.' No two individuals have the same experiences, emotions, or perspectives. Each artist brings a unique voice to the table, and there will always be an audience that resonates with that voice.

While the journey towards finding your authentic voice in art can be challenging, it's a journey worth taking. By asking ourselves if we would buy our own artwork and focusing on creating the beauty we want to see in the world, we can ensure that our work remains genuine, impactful, and forever memorable. Remember, it's not about fitting into the mold but about breaking it to reveal the masterpiece within.


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