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How to Source Inspiration as a Creative

Surface Pattern Designer Bonnie Christine gathers inspiration in her outdoor garden

Finding and gathering inspiration is a cornerstone skill that truly sets your work apart. But it's not just about the end product—the very act of seeking and absorbing inspiration can shape how you feel as a creator. When you actively engage with the world around you, even the most everyday things can shimmer with potential. Let's embark on this journey of discovery and dive deep into the art of gathering inspiration.

πŸ“ΈπŸŽ₯ Capture Moments Through Photos and Videos

Nothing beats capturing your own snapshots and footage of the things that move you. When you design based on photos you've taken yourself, there's a confidence that radiates from your work because it's rooted in genuine experiences. 

To truly harness these moments, organization is key. Don't let your inspirations get lost in the sea of photos on your device. Create dedicated albums for each project or theme, making it easier to revisit these sparks of inspiration whenever the muse calls.

🌿 Become a Collector

Have you ever found yourself mesmerized by the unique remnants of a place? Maybe it's the seashells from a beach visit or the distinct foliage from a trip to the desert. These little treasures, even if not replicated in your work, breathe life into your projects. They act as tangible reminders of places and experiences, infusing your creations with genuine emotion. Additionally, consider preserving nature's beauty for the times it's less accessible. From drying flowers to pressing leaves, these preserved pieces can serve as a reservoir of inspiration during the colder, less vibrant months.

πŸ“ Document Your Memories

Memories are powerful sources of inspiration. A fabric collection I designed, "Her and History", was birthed from the cherished memories of my grandparents. Elements like recipes penned by my grandmother or my husband's grandfather's journal entries from decades ago found their way into the design. Such personal artifacts not only make your work unique but also add depth and emotion to it. Your memories are golden threads in the tapestry of your creations.

πŸ“š Explore through Research

When direct interaction with your source of inspiration isn't feasible, it's time to don the hat of a researcher. Delve into subjects that fascinate you. Seek out conversations, visit libraries, or explore old records. Be it a historical event, a scientific phenomenon, or a cultural tradition, immerse yourself in its depths. 

Go Seek Your Inspiration

Finding and nurturing inspiration is both an art and a commitment. 

Take a moment to reflect: what truly sparks your excitement and inspiration? What kindles that creative fire within you? 

Once you've pinpointed these sources, you have a compass that guides you to inspiration whenever you need it. Remember, your inspiration is a reflection of your unique experiences and passions. So, venture out, seek it, and let it shape your creative journey in wondrous ways.


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