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How to Get Out of the Daily Scramble

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How to Get Out of the Daily Scramble - Tips from my team integrator Lisa Jacobs

Tips from Team Bonnie Christine Integrator, Lisa Jacobs

Running your own creative business can sometimes feel like you're caught up in a 'daily scramble.' It's a term Lisa Jacobs, my friend and the Integrator here on the team, uses to describe the hectic, ever-changing nature of entrepreneurship. Lisa works closely with me in the day-to-day operations of my business, using her expertise from both the corporate world and her own entrepreneurial journey to ensure everything runs smoothly and effectively. Read on to learn how to navigates these whirlwinds in her own life and the transition from her creative business to a corporate role.

Recognizing When You're Circling

One of the first hurdles Lisa faced as an entrepreneur was the tendency to circle. She explains that without setting a landmark, or a clear goal, it's easy to fall into a constant loop of tasks without making substantial progress. She's candid about her own experiences, sharing how she sometimes finds herself circling without a sense of direction.

Scheduling for Change and Big Leaps

Lisa has taught me the importance of setting aside time for change and taking those big leaps in our businesses. "If you don't schedule it, you'll continue to wear ten different hats," Lisa warns. As a creative entrepreneur, you will continue to juggle multiple roles until you intentionally make time for change. This action became a significant turning point in Lisa’s journey, leading her to delegate tasks and transform her business operations for a more sustainable workflow.

Navigating the Daily Scramble

As Lisa reflects on her transition from entrepreneurship to a corporate role, she admits how chaotic the daily scramble can be. She confesses, "I was doing the job of ten people." It's a reality check that many of us can resonate with, as we often find ourselves wearing multiple hats—from marketing and sales to operations and customer service.

Shift Your Priorities with the Exploding Star Method

When you’re navigating the daily scramble, it’s important to think strategically and make better use of your time and resources. “You could have a million things to do," Lisa explains, "but what is going to have the most impact on your business right now? That's where we should be focusing our energy." 

This method asks you to look at your long list of tasks and identify which ones will deliver the most significant impact on your business. Those are the tasks that deserve your immediate attention.

The beauty of this approach is that it enables you to direct your energy efficiently. Instead of getting overwhelmed by the sheer volume of tasks on your plate, you focus on those that will drive your business forward the most. It's a way to ensure that every step you take is a step towards achieving your big-picture goals. This principle can be applied not only in business but in any aspect of life where you're juggling multiple priorities.

Setting Landmarks and Goals

To counteract the daily scramble, it’s important to set clear landmarks and goals. These could be as simple as weekly or monthly targets or as monumental as long-term business objectives. Without the goal front and center, you'll wake up and wonder what you have to do today to begin. Keeping these goals in mind serves as a roadmap for us entrepreneurs, helping us stay focused amidst the chaos.

The Entrepreneur vs. Employee Mentality

Here at Team Bonnie Christine, we recognize there stark difference between the mindset of an entrepreneur and an employee. "As an entrepreneur, you're like an exploding star," Lisa says, highlighting the intense energy and creativity often associated with entrepreneurship. 

In contrast, employees maintain a more consistent energy level, methodically tackling their tasks. Recognizing this distinction becomes crucial for any of us transitioning into corporate roles or vice versa, as it requires a significant shift in mindset and approach. And being mindful of this as you grow a team allows you to ensure support as you steer the vision for your business.

The entrepreneurial journey is indeed a daily scramble, filled with endless tasks and constant changes. But with clear goals, an understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset, and time scheduled for change, we can navigate this chaos and thrive as creative entrepreneurs.

Stay tuned for our next article that shares Lisa Jacob’s OCN Method so that you can break out of the daily scramble and focus on what matters most in your business.


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