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How to Discover Your Signature Style

surface pattern design
How to Discover Your Signature Style with Bonnie Christine

Find Your Voice as a Surface Pattern Designer

As a creative entrepreneur, artist, or surface pattern designer, your signature style is your unique mark on the world. It's the distinct aesthetic in your designs that sets you apart, making your creations unmistakably yours. However, achieving this distinctiveness in surface pattern design doesn't happen overnight—it's born from persistent practice, self-discovery, and a deep connection with your artistic sensibilities.

Throughout my artistic journey, I've learned that a signature style isn't just about creating a recognizable brand or increasing the desirability of your work. It's about achieving a level of predictability and consistency that signals your capacity to produce quality work time and again.

But how do you develop this elusive "signature style"? Here are five strategies that have guided me on my journey:

1. Create Abundantly

The first step is to create a lot. Hone your skills, explore different tools and techniques, and experiment with various styles. It's through this process of continuous creation that your unique style begins to emerge in your surface pattern designs. To help you along, I've developed a year of annual art prompts—52 weeks and 365 different prompts to inspire you to create every day, which you can download HERE.

2. Follow Your Heart

Create the designs you genuinely want to see in the world. Often, we find ourselves swayed by trends or what we think will sell, but this approach can hinder the development of a signature style in surface pattern design. Instead, create art that reflects your soul, art that you're passionate about bringing into existence.

3. Don't Wait for Inspiration to Strike

Inspiration often comes when we least expect it. Don't sit around waiting for that magical moment—actively seek out inspiration. Know what sparks your creative flame and chase it. Whether it's a hike in nature, a visit to a museum, or a quiet afternoon with a sketchbook, keep your sources of inspiration close and accessible.

4. Create First, Consume Later

Before you sit down to create, resist the urge to scroll through Instagram or Pinterest. Consuming other people's work right before creating can unintentionally influence your art, making it harder to cultivate your unique style in surface pattern design. Instead, create from your reservoir of inspiration, unfiltered by the ideas of others.

5. Love Yourself and Your Journey

Finally, develop a deep appreciation for where you are in your artistic journey. It's easy to rush the process, but your signature style develops at its own pace. Love yourself and your progress, recognizing that you are exactly where you need to be. No matter where you are in your journey, there will always be those who are ahead and those who are behind. Finding satisfaction in your current state allows you to focus, remove distractions, and continue evolving your style with joy and authenticity.

Remember, your signature style is more than just a branding tool—it's an expression of your unique perspective and creativity. So, keep creating, keep exploring, and above all, enjoy the journey of self-expression and artistic evolution.


One of the tools I've found most helpful in my journey of surface pattern design is using art prompts, which can be a great source of inspiration when you're in a creative rut or just need a new challenge. To help you on your journey, I've put together a free resource: a full year of art prompts, with 52 weeks and 365 different prompts to spark your creativity every day. This beautifully designed prompt list can be printed and kept alongside your sketchbook or design workspace. It's also a wonderful gift for the creatives in your life! To download the free list of art prompts, click to listen to the companion podcast episode above and find the download link in the show notes. Happy creating!

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