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How I Structure Our Weekly Team Momentum Meeting

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How I Structure Our Weekly Team Momentum Meeting with Bonnie Christine

In the ever-changing landscape of creative businesses, it's easy for team meetings to become mundane or unproductive. However, about a year ago, I decided to shake things up. I set out to create a unique format for a weekly meeting that would not only be exciting for our creative team but also serve as a powerful tool to kickstart our week with momentum and clear direction. The result was the "Monday Momentum meeting," a weekly tradition that has become one of my favorite parts of our entire week.

Transforming the Mundane

Our team is a group of eight dynamic individuals including myself, an integrator, a program manager, a content producer, two customer success representatives, a virtual assistant, and a lead designer. The Monday Momentum meeting is one time each week when we all come together, providing a platform for us to update each other on our projects and discuss the week ahead.

The preparation for the meeting begins on the preceding Friday. Our virtual assistant sends out an email with a link to a Google Doc where team members can list down the points they want to discuss in the meeting. This approach ensures everyone has input in the agenda, thereby promoting engagement and ownership.

A Peek Into the Monday Momentum Meeting

Our meeting's structure is unique and designed to foster a warm, inclusive environment. We kick off with a "question of the week," an ice-breaker activity intended to build a stronger bond among the team. This is followed by a discussion on the value of the week and recognition of a team member who has shown exceptional performance.

We then transition into business matters. I provide an overview of my current thoughts, priorities, and the general direction I want the company to take. This is followed by various segments where team members give updates on their respective areas such as program updates, community updates, content overview, support team updates, and special projects.

We wrap up the meeting with a review of next actions to ensure that everyone leaves the meeting with a clear understanding of their tasks for the week.

The Impact of the Monday Momentum Meeting

Our Monday Momentum meeting has transformed the way our team communicates and collaborates. Its structured yet flexible format ensures that all voices are heard, and all concerns are addressed.

The incorporation of personal elements such as the "question of the week" not only fosters a sense of camaraderie among the team members but also compensates for the lack of physical interaction in a virtual working environment.

But the effectiveness of the Monday Momentum meeting is not exclusive to our team—Any team, regardless of its size, can adapt and benefit from this format.

In a world where traditional team meetings often fall short of their purpose, my team's Monday Momentum meeting stands as a beacon of innovation—proving that with a little creativity, even the most mundane tasks can become exciting and productive. At the end of the day, it's about creating an environment that fosters open communication, personal connections, and a clear sense of purpose.


For those interested in implementing the Monday Momentum meeting in their own teams, I have shared the outline we use for the meeting, along with the 52 questions we discussed in the past year. These resources can be downloaded for free from the Professional Creative's website.

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