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A Conference by Bonnie Christine

The Art of Business for the Professional Creative

Join us October 19th - 21st, 2023


"The whole event was incredible, I literally hung on every word. Thank you."  - Kate T.

The Art of Business 

A Conference for Professional Creatives like you.

Are you a creative who's ready to take your business to the next level? This event is focused on the Art of Business, evolving Immersion LIVE into the conference that will empower you to take your creative entrepreneurship seriously and unveil the incredible possibilities that lie ahead when you do.

Throughout these three days, you'll gain strategies to steer your business effectively, refine your art, and establish a thriving creative career.

It's more than just a conference - it's an investment in your business and your creative journey. It's about acknowledging that you are, indeed, a Professional Creative.

Join us and watch as your world expands.  



Watch a Recap of Last Year's Event 

"This event is everything. I come out of it feeling recharged and raring to go. Ready to take on the world with a list of ideas and a notebook full of notes."

- Jennifer L.

Title Keynote Speakers

Amy Porterfield

How to Play a Bigger Game: 5 Tried and True Strategies to Build and Scale Your Business

Online Marketing Expert, New York Time Best Selling Author, Creator + Educator


Glo Atanmo

Business Models for Creatives

Entrepreneur, Online Educator, Inspirational Speaker, Content Creator


Nicholas Wilton

Artist, Founder of Art2Life, Host of the Art2Life Podcast


Morgan Harper Nichols

Embracing Your Natural Creative Rhythms

Mixed Media Artist, Poet, Musician, Creator of the Storyteller App, Author of You Are Only Just Beginning


Keynotes & Workshops

Sarah Simon 

COLLABORATION for the Modern Creative

The Mint Gardener, Watercolor Artist, Teacher & Author


Shirlee Fisher

Founder of Quiet Lines Design, Host of the Tillage Podcast, Artist, and Stationer


Allea Grummert

7 Common Email Marketing Mistakes from 7-Figure Earners + the solutions you need to fix them

Email Marketing for Creatives. "Our superpower is creating emails that connect subscribers to the heart of what you do."


Lisa Jacobs

Integrator at Bonnie Christine, corporate development executive, & work/life balance BOSS


Jess Miller

Nurturing a Growth Mindset for Success

Designer, Illustrator and educator.


Erin Godbey

Events Director at Bonnie Christine, founder of Indie Craft Parade, wrangler of artists.


Featured Artists

Jess Miller

Designer, Illustrator and educator.


Barbel Dressler

Surface pattern designer and educator


Sarah Rafferty

Cyanotype artist,
textile designer, and educator.


Cynthia Oswald

Creative problem solver, watercolor artist and illustrator, and web designer.


Raquel Godsey

Creative and small business owner.


Cara Cummings

Botanical artist and educator.


Carissa Bordeleau

Surface Designer and owner of Bordeleau CPA


Open Studio Night Artists

Erin Kendal

Surface Designer and Educator.


Krista Coons

Ceramic Artist and Mentor.


Jill Labieniec

Designer, Illustrator, and Art Director.


Jessica Swift

Artist, surface designer, and educator.


Nicholas Wilton

Artist, Founder of Art2Life, Host of the Art2Life Podcast


Kristin Cronic

Fine Artist, Curious Painter, Navy Veteran


Emily Mills

Artist, Illustrator, Creative Business Owner, Speaker, Instructor, Author


What to expect:


Learn from expert voices at the heart of the creative industry. Our lineup consists of influential entrepreneurs who have made significant contributions to the realm of creativity. Expect insightful stories of success, practical wisdom, and innovative strategies that will leave you charged and ready to break boundaries in your own journey.

"Life changing… so many aha moments… CLARITY." - Rebecca R.


Immerse yourself in the creative processes of successful artists during our Open Studio Night. Peek behind the curtain to discover their inspirations, techniques, and secrets to success. It's a rare opportunity to step into the world of established artists and kindle the flame for your own creative journey.

"I FILLED my notebook and post-it notes, my heart overflowed and I just took away so so much." - Sarah O.


Get hands-on with our specialized workshops, where learning meets application. Gain practical skills training and in-depth knowledge in various areas as you choose which workshops you want to attend. Learn directly from industry experts and get questions answered while you get tangible results for your creative business.

"I'm ready to face my fears and really take my art to a whole new level." - Sylvia M.


At Immersion LIVE, we love to spoil our attendees! Early bird registrants are in for a treat with our ULTIMATE SWAG BOX, bursting with carefully curated surprises. From exclusive items to valuable resources and discounts from our sponsors, we add a tactile and memorable element to your immersive experience. Register by August 15th to get yours.

"This is my third Immersion Live and I plan to attend each year going forward. The online format makes it very affordable-no travel required and the swag box is always such a treat." - Maureen Z


Building meaningful connections is at the heart of Immersion LIVE. You'll have plenty of opportunities to mingle and collaborate with like-minded creatives. From interactive sessions to dedicated discussion forums, expand your professional network and open doors to collaborative possibilities.

"I really appreciated the opportunity to engage with other artists and entrepreneurs. I am located rurally, so that was a special gift. Everyone was so positive and kind!" - Angela R.


Learning at Immersion LIVE is dynamic and engaging. Our interactive sessions, led by experts and thought leaders, are designed to provide you with actionable takeaways and invaluable advice. Expect a range of formats, from panel discussions to fireside chats, creating an environment that fosters learning, growth, and creativity.

"Immersion Live filled me with confidence, inspiration and ideas on where I want to go next." - Katie B.

The plan:

Immersion LIVE kicks off on Thursday, October 19th with Open Studio Night from 6 - 8:00pm ET followed by two full days of keynote speakers and workshops on Friday and Saturday, October 20th and 21st from 10am - 6pm ET. 

Thursday, October 19th

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm ET

Open Studio Night

A beloved segment where successful artists open their studios to share their creative processes, inspirations, and behind-the-scenes. It's a unique chance for attendees to connect with established artists and gain inspiration for their own journeys.

Friday, October 20th

10:00 am - 6:00 pm ET

Conference Day #1

Learn from an unparalleled lineup of artists, surface designers and creative entrepreneurs have come to share their secrets and teach you how to build balance into your business.

check back soon for the full speaker lineup

Saturday, October 21st

10:00 am - 6:00 pm ET

Conference Day #2

Learn from accomplished artists, surface designers, and entrepreneurial trailblazers as they share their tried-and-true strategies that led to success.

check back soon for the full speaker lineup

Sunday, October 22nd

10:00 am - 2:00 pm ET

VIP  Mastermind 

Have Sunday Brunch with Bonnie! For those of you joining us for the in-person VIP experience, you'll join an intimate group and Bonnie Christine on Sunday for an exclusive brunch and mastermind experience. 

“The encouragement from this community keeps me inspired to continue chasing my dreams. You pick the most amazing inspired people to surround yourself with that just build each other up. It is so refreshing during this day and age." - Melissa

A special thank you to our featured resources:

Learn from Bonnie Christine 

Internationally renowned Surface Pattern Designer, Entrepreneur and Award Winning Online Educator.


Bonnie has been crafting art for brands and products around the world since 2009. As a self-taught designer, she's faced and overcome countless hurdles. These experiences fuel her dedication to teaching others, ensuring they don't have to learn 'the hard way'.

Over the past 11 years, Bonnie has shared her knowledge of surface pattern design with more than 80,000 students. She doesn‚Äôt just teach art‚ÄĒshe provides the keys to transforming passion into a thriving creative business.

In Immersion LIVE, Bonnie will share her insights on how to shape a career that brings joy, how to integrate balance into your life and work, and how to approach your creative journey with focus and clarity.

Choosing art and creativity as a career is more than a decision‚ÄĒit's a commitment to success. It's a path that's rewarding to you and inspiring to those around you. Bonnie believes in the power of creativity to enrich our lives and the world around us.

This conference is designed to spark your inspiration and equip you to achieve ambitious business goals. Your creativity is your gift‚ÄĒit needs to be nurtured, encouraged, and protected. Join Bonnie at Immersion LIVE and together let's turn your creative dreams into reality.

"It was amazing! Hands down, it was the best virtual event I've attended. I highly recommend it." - Cynthia D.

Immersion LIVE 2023

Virtual and VIP In-Person Tickets Available Now

Join us October 19th - 21st either virtually or in Charleston, SC* for three days of keynotes, workshops, inspiration and strategy.

*While this is a virtual conference, we're excited to open up a limited amount of VIP in-person tickets for the first time ever! If you're interested in joining us in Charleston, SC click here for more details. 

The Ultimate Swag Box is now sold out


FAQ for in-person VIP attendees:

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“I didn't even realize how much my heart was craving this creative inspiration. The entire event was outstanding from start to finish, but the Open Studio night was so emotionally moving for me. I finally felt inspired again, and was able to reconnect to my creativity in a way that I had really been missing. Thank you so much for providing the space for that kind of inspiration to unfold." - Sarah

I'm Bonnie Christine.


Thanks for joining me on this journey. I can't wait to help you to craft a career you love!